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Overhear Wishlist

Some features we'd love to add to the app.

If you have a project that could use these features and help fund their development let us know.

Equally if you're a native apple or android coder that can help these ideas become a reality get in touch!



Centring the listener and dropping pins to unique locations around them within a 5-10min walk.
Providing prompts to explore their locations creatively.


In Building QR Projects

Recordings linked to QR codes to enable the collection of poems on different levels or within close proximity.

QR Pin.png
screen-recording (1).png


In App Recording

Enabling users to record and pin their own poems or responses to poems for specific projects.


Private Maps

Upload and record your own poems to a personal map you can share with friends.

Want to help our wish list become an in-app reality?
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