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Co-Owner Call Out

As Overhear has developed we've become aware of a gap in skills required to take us further. We are looking for people with a certain skill set (see the roles below) to ride the wave of where Overhear is headed next! 



Overhear's mission is to Move People.
We do this using location based audio content digitally pinned to the map in our App while supporting the creators we commission with paid work. 


We want Overhear to be  deliberate, conscious and rooted in creative communities..

We're not going for Unicorn nor do we have a Blitzscaling mentality but we do want to have an impact on how people see the world.


How We Work

Listening is at the heart of what we do both as an app and as an organisation, this means we put wellbeing and communication first. 
We meet each Monday to check in and make plans. Each member of the team has a delegated role and is trusted to make decisions independently. We have a decentralised, flat structure.
We currently all work part time and pay ourselves proportionally  As a team, we put free time in to get paid work out.

Iphone mock up.png

Tech Lead

  • Able to work alongside and potentially take over from current outsourced developers using Swift, Kotlin, Angular & Firebase.

  • Advise on codebase and database structure. (Possible move to Unity.)

  • Develop prototype MVP’s of new features.


Community Lead

  • Cares about guiding and including listener experience.

  • Nurtures users in their curiosity and in creating experiences for themselves using the app.

  • Adept at the tools of community reach: Discord, Social Media, in person meet ups.

Web Overhear_Icon.png

Business Lead

  • Explore, advise and find advice on appropriate business structure. (Looking to non-profit/cooperative)

  • Lead on co-developing necessary documentation.

  • Guide decision making around business strategy.

  • Interested in Sociocracy/Holacracy.


!Position Filled!

We would also benefit from anyone wanting to join an Overhear board.


We are open to receiving interest from anyone who feels they can attune to what Overhear is about and work towards meeting its Social and Technological Goals.We'd hope that you can put 5+ hours into Overhear per week.
We will get back to you to arrange a call or a coffee and work through a collaborative agreement so we all know exactly what to expect and how to work together.

Thanks for submitting!

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