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The Overhear Team



We have partnered with MXDevelopment to rebuild our code base from the ground up. Tom initially approached Matt to learn some basic React Native skills but instead a synergy for the Overhear project emerged and Matt has now become integral to Overhear’s future.



Adrian joined Overhear as a co-director at the same time as Kibriya during the first lockdown in 2020. Adrain brings a clear UX head to the team think about future functionality and features as well as leading on our workshops.



Kibriya joined Overhear as a freelance blog writer and marketer after writing a piece for the Verve Poetry Festival that captured the Overhear ethos perfectly. She has since become a co-director helping shape Overhear's workshops and funding applications



Tom founded Overhear after an urge to anchor digital content back in some sort of locality. Finding a home for it among the poetry community he has been successful in applying for several Arts Council England bids to help it grow.

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