Overhear's History

A fully transparent look at the Overhear journey

How it all started


2015 An idea hatches.

After creating several home recorded Albums and becoming frustrated with distributing them online Tom mused over another form of online distribution...

(Tom is still making music here: tompeel.bandcamp.com)

September 2016 - first iteration


With help from a friend overhearbrum was knocked together as a website that barely worked but had the gist.

November 2016

I was pointed in the direction of ABG by a mutual friend who had made a mobile app in the past


April 2017

Anna Brophy, one of Tom's student's from Access To Music joins Overhear on Work Experience for about 4 months.

April 2017

Andrew picks up the Overhear coding mantel! Seriously couldn't have done it without this step and Andrews generosity.

First few venues get involved with Digbeth First Friday. Some lovely lino print posters are made by Hollodeck.

Web app prototype walk with Andrew, Anna, and others. Resulting in our first promo video by Paul Stringer

September 2017

Andrew sends first mock up of the iPhone App.

October 2017

Figured Poetry was a better medium to start with than music. From Tom's time at Impact Hub Birmingham poets weren't hard to find!

September 2017

Out testing the iPhone App by the Spotted Dog in Digbeth

First App Release

February 2018 - Overhear is released to the App Store


All down to Andrew taking a punt on an idea I was running with 18 months previously!


July 2018

Connect with Verve Poetry Festival about collaborating on an Arts Council Bid.

Verve 2018 Soft Launch

Chucked about a few flyers during one of Birminghams biggest poetry festivals

March 2018

Set about recording as many poets as possible.

September 2018

First Arts council bid rejected...

Android app delayed

Andrew had become a first time dad just after the iPhone app launched. Juggling the android coding at the same time was proving tricky.

November 2018

Through working with Tiger Bam Comms we were put in touch with Ben Waddington of Still Walking Festival. Ben's walks focused on the often unseen details of areas and places over the history. This was a perfect partnership as the walks were far more poetic in drawing out what could be found in a space outside of Blue Plaques.

First Accepted Arts Council Bid.

December 2018

Tom received £13938 to commission 12 poets for the Overhear app and hold 6 walking tours around the Verve Poetry Festival.

December 2018 - 50 Authenticated App Users

December 2018

Android Mobile App launches...

It works with a few simple tests, but with the organising of the project, and no Android device to test with some issues go unnoticed...

Introducing Hemin

Through a website called freelancer.com Hemin was recruited to code the Android app.

Cost £926.62 inc NDA agreement and transaction fees.

December 2018 - February 2019

Tom recorded and met the amazing poets commissioned for the Verve Overheard project.

January 2019

Made contact with Jonathan Davidson of Writing West