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A fusion of poetry and mindfulness, delivered as immersive audio to your inbox.

Immerse yourself in the world of Wanders and discover a new way to experience being here and now through Poetry.
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Sound on!

Each Wander is a unique, carefully curated piece of audio that melds immersive introductions, powerful poetry, and creative prompts, designed to engage your mind, stir your senses, and connect you with your present self.


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For Inspiration

In a fast-paced world, finding the headspace for creative exploration can be challenging. Wander serves as a key to unlock your creative potential, providing an uninterrupted space to explore, connect, and create. The poetry and prompts within each Wander act as a catalyst, igniting your imagination and enhancing your innovative thinking.

For the Love of Poetry

If you appreciate the poetic, you will fall in love with Wander.  This is not just about hearing a poem; it's about experiencing it, feeling it, and letting it move within you.

For the Curious & the Mindful

The carefully designed introduction and concluding prompts in each Wander are your keys to a mindful existence. They gently guide you into a state of awareness, helping you attune to your surroundings and ground yourself in the present. 'Wander' is more than an audio experience; it's a tool for mindfulness and a guide towards a richer, more present life.

Each Wander has three parts:

Presencing - we guide you in opening up your attention to where you are while simultaneously grounding you in that space. This is designed to open the awareness for…

Poetry - We perform a carefully selected piece of poetry for you be present with. Take it in. Sit with it, attune to it and notice its effect on you.

Prompt - A moment to be curious. Who are you now? What has become most salient to you? We draw on the poems themes to elicit something that you can take away with you. 

Press play to hear an example Wanders.

Subscribe to Wanders

Thanks for subscribing!

The more subscribers we get in these early stages the more features we can unlock for you. 

Commissioned Wander
We want to showcase our favourite poets work from around the world, commissioning new work with the Wander format in mind.

Integration into the Overhear App
We are working on developing the Overhear app so you can enjoy a better listener experience. We will also use your location to assign a place for you to walk to if you so choose.

Let us know what you think.

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