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Boundary Way Project have commissioned some pieces for their allotment space. More info here
Flatpack's '68 Cycling trail for Birmingham Heritage week.
More info here
The work from our first 'Statues' workshop is now live in the app. Download the app to check it out.

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Office Space

Immunity to Change

Starting a company means developing a culture to invite people to work in. At these early stages I'd like to make sure community and personal development are baked in. I'm reading up on what all this looks like and "An Everyone Culture" presented the Immunity to Change assessment which has been really interesting! I figured I'd post mine up here along with a template and a video that walks through the process. I've learnt that I will "want things to be organic" but that can also mean I don't want to think about how the mechanics of something works possibly highlighting an underlying fear that I'll be in over my head... I'd rather coast it and depend on luck and privilege.
The process works by highlighting what you're committed to doing instead of your goal and seeing how this is part of a broader immune response to change - even change you want! Practicing this sort of self-reflection is a big part of writing and literature, I guess this is just a more abstract way of doing that.
Have a go yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvEsMp4n4-s

Office Space

Grounding Techniques

These are great for dealing with anxiety as they fix us firmly in a location. So its no surprise then that they can also help us be mindful of the location we might want to write about. At Overhear we've found that being in a place or space with the intention to write about it and feeling calm in a space in general have a large amount of cross over. The more we engage in both the better it is for our writing and for our mental health.
If you want to literally ground yourself you could engage in the art of "Free Seeing" coined by Francis Lowe: facebook.com/freeseeing. These are events where attendees bring role mats, lie on the floor and look at things from the ground up!