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We talk with Clean Kilo...

Tell us a little bit about your brand and the venue (what you offer, do, and the space itself etc.)

At The Clean Kilo, we help customers reduce packaging and their carbon footprint in the Birmingham community and beyond. We are the largest zero waste supermarket in the UK and our customers bring their own containers to refill from our bulk gravity dispensers. We offer fresh fruit & veg, an orange juicer, local dairy, dry food products, a delicatessen, household and toiletry items; totally we have over 500 plastic-free products! We stock as local as possible too, meaning we can use refillable containers for deliveries, reduce carbon emissions and improve rural urban links; a fairer price for the growers and producers whilst keeping money in the local economy. We have saved over 60,000 pieces of plastic from existing, since opening in June.

  • How long have you been at this venue?

We have been open 7 months

  • What do you know about the history of the building?

It was one of the oldest banks in Birmingham- a Lloyds bank.

  • What would you recommend off the menu?

Locally grown potato crisp and Chocbox vegan chocolates

  • What is the best thing about being an indie venue in Birmingham?

There is a lot of support and a community vibe with other independent businesses in the area.

  • What sets you apart from other venues in the city?

We are a plastic free supermarket!

  • Why do you think independent venues are so important for Birmingham?

Keeping money in local economy and offering unique product/ services/experiences.

  • Why did you decide to be a host venue for Overhear and Overheard Walking Tours?

We felt like it was good to support a Birmingham creative art project in our community.

  • Why do you think art projects are important for Birmingham?

Bring life, culture and interest to the city.

  • What do you love most about being based in Birmingham?

Great urban-rural links to our suppliers and a positive community that want to work towards tackling plastic waste.

  • What are you looking forward to most about the Overheard Walking Tours?

Meeting new people.

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