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Calling all Audio-on-Location Evangelists!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023


Thanks for clicking on our blog post. At Overhear we want to concentrate on developing interactions with... well, with you, whoever you are that has ended up reading this...

What has brought you here today? What are you curious about? If time were an animal what animal would it be?

An AI genrated Time Animal - neat, right?

Essentially we are wondering what an Overhear "Community" would look like... but in saying that, I'm aware community is not really what you get online; communities usually inhabit a physical space, engender reciprocity and a sense of looking out for one another. Online communities don't afford that level of integration into each others lives.

For example, this is but a blog post and this is all very one directional. Present me, who will become past me, is writing to a potential future you that will become very much present by the time your eyes read these words. That chasm of time makes it hard for this to be reciprocal, or something that fosters community. To pretend it does would be misleading - Community-washing you could call it. That's something I think I've seen on social media and something Overhear hopes to avoid and even work against.

It's hard to be truly communal online and I can't help but reflect on how at Overhear, we are all about what happens in Physical space... So we're not after, nor are we promising community, but we do want to find the likeminded folks, the curious and inquisitive ones, those that have been tracking Overhear but haven't yet reached out just to say hi.

Working with what we've got though we'd love for folks to get in touch, say hi, be inquisitive about the Overhear app and the projects we've undertaken, tell us what you're doing, meet us in Brum for a coffee perhaps?

We've got a Discord server, would you like to pop in and say hello? It's mainly all about the General channel but if you want to kick something off in the other channels around writing on location, suggestions for new features, dust them off and go for it!

If you're thinking: but I've just mastered email! Please say hello via

Maybe we can join you up with other curious people who are inquisitive about audio, poetry, short stories, location and tech.

We can tell you about the next ideas for features we're having. In fact we've a post queued up with a new and exciting feature we are toying with, but its not quite ready to go just yet.

Alright, Catch you again soon!


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