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Overhear Co-owner call out: join us!

An open invitation...

We are opening the doors to Overhear in order to channel more energy into what Overhear is ready to become.

As a team of three, Adrian, Kibriya and I (Tom) have been working together on Overhear projects for two and a half years. We're incredibly proud of what we've achieved, from collaborating on projects to running our own workshops to improving the offering of the app itself. At the same time, we're becoming increasingly aware of the gaps in our shared knowledge, and how it could be holding us back from realising Overhear to its fullest potential.

We've got a great app, but we're reliant on external parties to code it. We've got the potential to appeal to a huge user base, but we're not sure how to engage them. We're establishing ourselves as an organised outfit but our experience in managing a business is... thin, to say the least. That's why we're extending an invitation to anyone with the know-how, time, energy and ability to attune to what Overhear does to wholesale pick up the reigns of this thing and join us.


Does that sound crazy to you? It's worked before...

If you've never encountered an offer like this it might come across strange - and that is totally understandable. This isn't a traditional #NowHiring post: we're not asking you to send us your CV and explain how you'd meet our criteria. If you join us, you won't be working under a boss, and there will be no one assessing your performance against KPIs. What we're offering is the chance to play in the same sandbox we've been playing in, and finding out what we can build together.

The last time I did this, in May 2020, brought Kibriya in as a Co-Owner who, in turn, brought Adrian in. It was a brilliant moment of evolution for Overhear and has resulted in some of our biggest projects to date not least with the most recent: China Plate's Soho Settlers Project. (Get to Handsworth and check that out!)

"When Tom first approached me about coming on board with Overhear, I was wary. It took a few meetings to drill down into what kind of role I'd be taking on, how I could help shape what Overhear do and what I'd be getting out of it. I'm beyond glad I said yes. It's been an amazing experience so far, working with a brilliant, creative team with an inspiring attitude of: Could we do this? Let's find out. As an organisation and as individuals, we've progressed in leaps and bounds, and I can't wait to see what - and who - comes next." - Kibriya Mehrban

Money! Let's talk about it.

Our team currently consists of two poets and a songwriter; between us we have skills in creative writing, workshop facilitation, audio production, project management and marketing. Using those skills, we've been able to plan and execute projects that make work for all of us.

We are now inviting others to join us in stewarding Overhear's next steps and building something that continues to generate income for everyone involved. We pay ourselves when we land projects that include funds for the various tasks we undertake.

Being super clear about the money side of things is really important to us: as yet none of us are salaried and, we all have other work and commitments on our plates. We work around everyone's various availabilities and needs - made easier by a lot of what we do being possible online.

We're asking people to join us with the same deferred interest and get paid as and when we get the work to cover that. In the past, this has meant taking £200-400 a day depending on project budgets, but to be explicit we all put in free time to get paid work out. If you join us, you won't necessarily be making money straight away but you will have a fair share in Overhear and what we do make, when we make it.

Quick Facts:

  • To date, we've invested 24.8% of our turnover back into app development

  • We use a shared spreadsheet to self-report hours put into any given project

  • We prioritise the well-being of our team over maximising productivity

So are you thinking about it?

Do you have skills in app development, community management and/or business management? Are you interested in working with arts and tech in a decentralised power-with way? Do you want to enable and create moments of presencing for listeners on location where ever they may be?

Then get in touch, we can arrange a call or a coffee and work through a collaborative agreement so we all know exactly what to expect and how to work together.

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