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OH-KAY! Arts Council Funding Successful!

Yes, you've not heard form me in three months because I've mainly been holding my breath. After our first application was returned with more information requested our second submission has been successful! We have been awarded Arts Council Funding to commission and record 12 new poems in the run up to Verve Poetry Festival (check it out!) and geotag the recordings to local independent spaces.

We will then host several walking tours with our poets for people to sign up to and use to explore Birmingham and collect the poems scattered about the city centre, the JQ and Digbeth.

The funding means we can pay our poets a decent chunk for their work and time which is the single most important thing about Overhear.

So be on the look out for new poetry from Jack Crowe, Bethany Slinn, Hannah Swings, Amerah Selah, Jasmine Gardosi, Leon Preistnall, Matt Abbott, Rupinder Kaur, Roy McFarlane, Nafeesa Hamid, Casey Bailey, Bohdan Piasecki & Kamil Mahmood.

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