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We're going all Arts Council on this

So Arts Council funding as always been daunting for me...mainly because I assume my ideas don't fit into any of the funding categories... Stuff like setting a start and end date for a project makes me go "But I don't want an end date for this thing!!" and cognitive dissonance did the rest to stop me pursuing it.

But the last few months has been a neat little learning curve and the coming together of a few things - lots of great people are right there to ask for help and thats been super! So a project can be something that fits into the wider ongoing life of an idea and thats what I'm applying for.

I'm going for the under £15,000 Project Grant to record 12 new poems and launch them in the run up to the Verve Poetry Festival in Feb 2019. This year the folk from Verve are partnering with Overhear in support of the bid which is so good! The idea is to also organise walking tours around the venues with poets and tour guides. Hopefully Feb won't make that too much of a chilly experience... but it should also serve to make a proof point for venues that could potentially buy into the app in the future as it will show the value in joining Overhear and supporting local poets. So I'll keep updating with the progress of the application, there are just a few small things to pin down before I submit but if its a yes expect exiting things from Overhear in early 2019!

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