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Upcoming Poetry Events w/Overhear recordings

So there are plenty of chances to collect some of the recordings we've recently made with local Brummie Poets inc. James Kearns, Richard O'Brien, Bethany Slinn, Hannah Swings, Willis The Poet, Jack Crow, Spoz, R.M. Frances and more. We're not going to tell you who is where though, thats for you to find out!

Download the app from the iTunes store now and enjoy the delights of Brum.

The idea behind Overhear is to create value for Independent Birmingham outlets in footfall and for that value to got straight back into creating more unique content. So if you want to help and develop a sustainable economy for Poets in Brum, get on board, tell you're friends, and most importantly go and visit the venues found on the Overhear map.

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