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Introducing Anna

I’m Anna and I’ll be doing some work experience with OVERHEAR over the next few weeks. I became interested in working on OVERHEAR whilst undertaking a Music Business degree at Access To Music in Birmingham, and this project would enable me to learn more about the music industry within Birmingham. I’ll be working from Impact Hub B'ham, which will give me an opportunity to interact with other creative people and build up an invaluable network.

When I heard about OVERHEAR through Tom, I thought it was a unique idea and a really good way of supporting the local music scene in Birmingham whilst bringing more attention to local independent businesses. In January, I co-founded Van Gogh’s Good Ear, an independent music promotions company based in Birmingham, and I feel that the ethos around this business fits in well with the ethos of OVERHEAR (which is generating more interest in local music and venues).

I’ll be using social media to start up conversations with local businesses to try and get the local community more involved in the development of the project, whilst trying to learn as much as I can along the way. So look out for some tweets & posts in the near future!

Just an introduction from me, I’ll be updating the blog as much as I can. Thanks for reading.

Anna Brophy

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