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Poets, Musicians & Venues...

What’s next…

OK so I’ve popped to a few of the venues that I’d like to have host a track and they’re all are happy to be accosiated.

Now for the musicians… I have been recording recently with Andrew Souter, Grande Valise and Josh Herring. All excellent singer songwriters but I’m going to need to diversify…perhaps…or, this could very well just start out with a songwriter/poetry vibe. Carl Sealeaf is keen to be involved, he’s got spoken word down.

I feel like thats a good call actually. It’s where my strengths lie, plus folkie types are keen on walking and all that too. Good on them.

I’ve got my website ready, facebook and twitter. I’ll need a launch party venue and date but I’ll put that on the back burner for now till, I’ve got these 10 tracks totally sorted…

Then a bit of poster printing an hopefully some snowballing…

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