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"The level of effort and work put into the workshop by its organisers was clearly evident and profoundly felt. Writing exercises were useful and relevant to the nature of the subject matter. Any subsequent discussions were well-guided and facilitated with some very interesting discussion prompts throughout."


- Pin-A-Poem Workshop Attendee

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What an honour to have my poetry associated with such iconic statues in my fav city!!

"Knowledgeable hosts, interesting subject, well prepared resources, good balance of discussion& writing."


- Pin-A-Poem Workshop Attendee

"The team were friendly, inclusive and well-prepared. The White Board session was especially productive and thoughtful. I enjoyed hearing the different poets and their work."


- Pin-A-Poem Workshop Attendee

"Da Vinci said "motion is the key to life". 


As we stood in the middle of a roundabout listening to heartfelt poetry having walked in good company I  began to live the connections between sound and vision.


Well done bringing iconic buildings and landmarks so often taken for granted out of the shadows into new light.


Connecting busy people through Apps with poetic works delivered a refreshing take on the selected poems.


An element of privacy and a safe collective way to enjoy thoughts and feelings.


Hugely enjoyable and always a thrill to hear other peoples reflections on the buildings, landmarks and City we love."


- Walking Tour Attendee

"I so enjoyed Nellie's walking tour. It was unusual and quirky!

I loved her quiet, unassuming, though confident manner. Lots of friendly people to chat to as we ambled along the tow path into unusual, unseen parts of Birmingham's history and green spaces. I thought she managed her poetry choices beautifully along the way.

I love and read a lot of poetry, but never write anything!

I was amazed that given space and freedom to just write, I couldn't stop! A nice touch at the end was a table booked at Yorks cafe at the Ikon.

I was a little chilled and it was nice to sit and chat about our experiences over a cuppa; and bonus, collect a poem from the overhear app. I also bought Nellie's poetry pamphlet, which is fantastic! It was a spur of the moment decision to go, as it was such a beautiful day; I'm so glad I did."

- Walking Tour Attendee

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Poetry, prose & sound design, curating meta maps for Festivals, Galleries, Museums and more.

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