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We aim to fill communities with recordings of stories, poems and memories that people can collect using the Overhear app. 

The Overhear app 'geotags' audio to locations for listeners to find. Our project will create a collectable trail of audio that celebrates Bearwood and fosters a sense of pride in the area.

To see how collecting audio on location in the app works, check out this video of a project we worked on in Handsworth.



Each Community Project we organise will run on a sponsorship model. In order to finance the workshops, recording, editing, marketing and management we will go to the local business community with a sponsorship offer.

Local businesses will benefit from community projects in the following ways: 

  • Increased footfall and traffic to high street areas

  • Being seen as a supporter of the community, improving brand image and increasing customer loyalty.

  • Being tagged in social media posts with a wide collective reach due to the amount of partners involved. 

We would require 15 -20 local businesses to sponsor £100 each for the Project to run.

Pin-A-Poem Workshops

We will engage local residents in Pin-A-Poem creative writing workshops. These will help residents produce poems, stories and memories about their area. These pieces will be recorded as audio and pinned to locations in the Community for friends, family and anyone else to collect using the Overhear app. The Overhear app uses geolocation to let listeners walk around an area and pick up poems and stories about the place. 

OVERHEAR (4).png

Here is what an Overhear Bearwood map might look like.


We will work with existing Community groups in the area, local press, faith groups & online spaces.

The project will:

  • Increase footfall to local businesses

  • Encourage walking in, and exploration of, various parts of the area

  • Foster creativity and pride in the Community

  • Develop an appreciation for the history of the area

  • Engender a sense of being present in and connected to the area

  • Fill the Community with collectable Stories, Poems and Memories!

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