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New Venues & New Poets

Hi all,

So we've been working hard and now have a whole bunch more for you to explore and collect in Birmingham. Some great content from the likes of Jennifer Edwards, Ray Bradnock and Jenna Clack.

Jenna Clack at Impact Hub Birmingham

We have also started up a Patron and have added "THE PLAN" to the home page of the website setting out our targets and how this whole thing is supposed to work. Check out how you can help!

We're going to be upfront and honest about how we need a strong following in order to hold any value for independent venues that we hope to sell the Overhear service to.

If we can show a strong correlation between having a Poem tagged to a space and an increase in footfall to that space from our users then bingo: the ball starts rolling and we can use Overhear to start paying Poets for their content.

If you want to help or get involved in anyway please get in touch!


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