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Riso Prints Ready!

Now things are getting underway a bit more with OVERHEAR I’ve gotten some A3 Posters Riso printed from The Holodeck in the Jubilee Centre.

Similar to screen printing Riso prints have their own character, each colour is individually printed from a big barrel drum giving the posters areally nice texture.

You should start seeing them popping up in venues in the next few days.

In other news I have been accepted on to a 2 day business course with the OVERHEAR idea, it is run by STEAMLabs and BCUAdvantage. I’ve not been on anything like this before but I hope it’ll provide some insight into how to get the brand out and recognised.

Check out the website for the full list of spaces. We are also going to trial OVERHEAR at this months Folk in the Forest in the RSPB Sandwell Valley Reserve check out the event on Facebook here.

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