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Right! So, the QR codes are out and we have a working version of OVERHEAR. (woop)

But we want to eventually phase out the QR codes and enable users to find songs by the app recognising the users location.

Over the past few days I have been dabbling in Javascript with the help of a few friends and I have found that most webpages can access the users location (with their permission) and then redirect them to pages depending on whether their location matches ones in a database.

You can check out the code here:

and using: (now obsolete)

you can see the redirect in action providing you are in the co-ordinates between: latitude: < 60 > 49 longitude: < 3 > -19

Which is the whole of the UK & Ireland (and some of northern France)

So all I need to do now is narrow those coordinates to be around the specific venues where we are hosing our tracks and we can redirect users to the relevant pages that host the relevant tracks!


Thats it for now I’ll keep you posted.


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