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This is a bit about the beginings of OVERHEAR. Hopefully this blog will track some of the progress.

I’m not a good blogger though so you may need to remind me…

Its Jan 17th 2016 and I am about to go and visit some establishments in Birmingham that I love and would like to have involved in OVERHEAR.

To start off with…QR codes, I’ve never really used them myself but on no budget its the best I can get.

I will be using appspotr for the first prototype of the app, its a build your own app platform with the classic missing vowel. It currently looks like this:

Which is really useful if you’re reading this on the actual app becuase you know that already. In fact if you are reading this on the app then it means that those establishments I’m going to visit were more than happy to host tracks and I’ve relesaed this prototype already. Go me.

I have been talking to loads of top folks in Brum about getting this off the ground and they’ve all been amazingly supportive, I will perhaps devote more blog space to them individually and promote what they’re up too in future posts.

But for now this is my first entry.

In a bit.

Tom Peel

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