What is Overhear?


Overhear is a mobile app that geotags recorded content to locations during festivals for users to collect. Overhear puts poetry on the map, literally. Working with local writers and independent venues, we pin specially commissioned poems to the venues they're inspired by, ready to be collected using our mobile app - available to download on Apple and Android devices.


Collaborating with Verve Poetry Festival, Birmingham Literature Festival and Wolverhampton Literature Festival, Overhear has worked with over 35 poets and 35 venues to connect people and place by putting poetry in their pockets.

Overhear Walking Tour Guide Call Out:


Overhear is looking for three Poets/Writers from the Birmingham area to develop and lead a walking tour for 12-15 participants selected from current Beatfreeks creative development programs. 

The guides will develop their walks with support from Ben Waddington of Still Walking Festival. Still Walking challenges the conventional expectations and themes of walking tours as “a walk with information about local history.” Instead Still Walking uses the tour to experience and engage in spaces through observing the “infra-ordinary,” helping guides explore the city on their own terms by narrating the environment as they see it as artists or writers.


Guides will attend an initial meeting to discuss what their  poetry/writing walk may involve, develop the walk with Ben, run a practice walk and lead the walk itself. This will now take place during July/August separate from the Festival of Audacity.
***please note: the uncertainty of the current health crisis may change these deadlines***


The walk participants will undertake all three walking tours and will be feeding back on their mental wellbeing, specifically the following key indicators for good mental health:


  • Confidence & self esteem

  • Feel and express a range of emotions,

  • Feel engaged with the world around you

  • Work productively

  • Cope with the stresses of daily life

  • Adapt and manage in times of change and uncertainty.


We expect the walks to contribute positively to these outcomes and also enable participants to continue to explore the city on their own terms developing their own narrative about the places they walk through.


Tour guides must be DBS checked and are expected to have a basic understanding of safeguarding requirements.


We can offer an artist fee of £300 per guide.