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We aim to fill Bearwood with recordings of stories, poems and memories that people can collect using the Overhear app.

The Overhear app 'geotags' audio to locations for listeners to find. Our project will create a collectable trail of audio that celebrates Bearwood and fosters a sense of pride in the area.

To see how collecting audio on location in the app works, check out this video of a project we worked on in Handsworth.

We are planning to host a "Pin-a-Poem" writing workshop in May with Bearwood Hub CIC that will be open and free to everyone. 

Our plan is to cover the costs of paying our professional writer/facilitators and managing and marketing the project, by appealing to businesses in Bearwood to sponsor residents' stories, poems and memories.

If each of our favourite Bearwood businesses contributes £100 (£200 if they have a large space that can host more pins), we will have enough to cover our costs and make the workshop free to attend. In return, businesses will have locally produced stories, poems and memories pinned to their location ready for collection, as well as an audio acknowledgement of their sponsorship in the recording.

So, please share the project so that businesses know it will be worth their while to get involved.

OVERHEAR (4).png

Here is what an Overhear Bearwood map might look like.

The project will:

  • Increase footfall to local Bearwood businesses

  • Encourage walking in, and exploration of, various parts of Bearwood

  • Foster creativity and pride in Bearwood

  • Develop an appreciation for the history of Bearwood

  • Engender a sense of being present in and connected to Bearwood

  • Fill Bearwood with collectable Stories, Poems and Memories!


If you want to share ideas, poems and stories about locations in Bearwood join our Overhear Bearwood facebook group here. 

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