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Overhear Accessibility Information.

All our venues are able to provide access to wheelchair users apart from Birmingham Whisky Club & Medicine Bakery and Gallery.


Detailed information:


Clean Kilo has a small step up to its Gibb St entrance - there is a ramp available when told in advance.


1000 Trades - the access point is at street level leading through to a porch that has a narrower doorway and a heavy curtain pulled to one side.
The bar is at street level and then steps up to a restaurant area. No accessible toilet.


Gunmakers Arms - Street level access with slight lip to the door entrance. 


Tilt - Street level access when entering City Arcade from Union St. Accessible Toilet

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - The main entrance has level access with a lift. Toilets on all floors. 

Tiger Bites Pig -  Street access. No toilets.

The Wellington - Level access from rear of the pub. This is down a back alley that can be busy at times and feel closed in. Accessible toilets.

Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 09.08.43.png

Yorks Stephenson St - Street access maybe tricky without help. The pavement slopes at a different angle to the entrance leaving a sloping step at one end. Accessible toilet.

All other venues are accessible from street level.

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